Plaster Casting

For the plaster casting activity I did not have time to go the beach so I made my casting in a 5 gallon bucket. At first I tried to do this activity by myself but I quickly realized that I would need assistance so I had my girlfriend help me. The most difficult part of the assignment was filling the casting with the plaster because the plaster mixed with the sand so we had to start over a couple of times. Once we figured out how to slowly pour the plaster in the casting, we were able to successfully get our casting. I was surprised by how nice our casting turned out. Overall this was a very fun activity and it taught me that when doing any type of art activity, patience is very important. I wanted to give up every time my casting would break or mix with the sand, but after many many tries I finally got the results I had hoped for.



Classmate Conversation Week 1

This week for my classmate conversation I met Makenna. She is a 3rd year dance major from Michigan. We talked about many random topics but I found it particularly interesting when we started talking about the different classes we were taking here at CSULB. Being a finance major, my classes were pretty much completely opposite from hers. I enjoyed this conversation because it showed me that there are many different people here at this school with many different interests. It was nice to meet someone from a different department and I look forward to meeting many new people like Makenna in future classmate conversations.