Week 15-Art Activity- Design Thinking Applied to Life

For this week’s blog post project on Design Thinking applied to Life, I, as asked, came up with three different possibilities for my future.

Future #1: My present goal is to major in business, and get a good stable high-paying job. So right now I’m trying to get my degree while working part-time which is step #1, then I would go apply for a paid-internship, then id get a good job, get married to my girlfriend, get better positions at work as time goes by, hopefully become a boss, have kids and be happy.

Now that’s really the goal at the moment and what I know id be happier doing.

For this option I interviewed one of my close friends who majored in business like me and got the kind of job id hope to stumble upon. I asked him what exactly he did, he answered; he represents the company and flies abroad to meet different company representatives in order to talk them into deals or close them. He also manages a whole section of the company which sells a large amount of ambulances world-wide. He told me how much he was paid, his benefits and how much his job impacts his life. He is currently married, has good income, and a nice house.

Future #2: My second option would be to major in engineering and become an aerospace engineer. So the steps to realize that dream would be: get my engineering degree, get an aerospace engineering job, get married get higher positions throughout my life, buy a house and have kids.

I personally don’t think it’s really that possible because I don’t think I’m smart enough to be an aerospace engineer and I’m not passionate enough to succeed in that department even though it’s the second best thing I could think of. I also don’t think id be nearly as happy doing that instead of doing business like I always wanted to do; which I’m actually good at.

Future #3: Now I was asked what id like to do for the rest of my life if I was financially secure and no one would laugh at me, to which I answer; id like to keep my present job as a pizza delivery person. Why? Because I like my job, I drive around, jamming to some music and deliver pizzas to hungry customers. It’s a fun job and I’ve always told my girlfriend that if I could’ve ever made a really good living off of pizza money I would’ve.

For the Practice part of this project, I practiced this option by going to work and imagining myself actually doing it for the rest of my life and I was very satisfied.

Back to Reality: Seriously though, option #1 really is my best option, logically or I wouldn’t be doing it right now, I feel like I’d be far more happy doing that. I’ve always been passionate about Business and Marketing and economics so I think I’m going towards a reachable future and a good choice for myself and my happiness.



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