Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Yeri Hwang

Artist: Yeri Hwang

Exhibition: Within Us

Gallery: Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: @yeriyeti

About the Artist

Yeri is currently lives in Long Beach and is an undergrad student. She is a senior, so this will be her last semester in CSULB. She is going to graduate from the School or Arts. She used to live in Torrance and had to commute back and forth but fortunately, she has lived in Long Beach for the past 6 months. She works with all kinds of media that can’t be defined by any categories. She also talked about how art isn’t for everyone and that her goal is to make everyone understand it.

Formal Analysis

Yeri’s artwork seemed very structured and all of the work had a story to it and if followed in the correct order, the whole show tells an overall story. Yeri used everything from drywall, to electrical circuitry, and it used more traditional media, as well. Lots of her work involved electricity and I was impressed by how good she was with technology. Her artwork was also very hands on which I really liked.

Content Analysis

For each of the artworks, they had a story and meaning to it. I found it very interesting how if you followed her artwork in order it told you a story. I always appreciate it when artists do these kinds of things with their art. It gives their work a deeper meaning in my opinion. When I was looking around her exhibit and reading what each piece was about, it made me feel certain ways and that is what I always look for in art. If something makes me feel something positive then I always tend to be more attracted to it.

Synthesis/My experience

I really liked how all of her art pieces were hands on. I also liked how everything was connected. I love when things tell a story, especially art. Her exhibit was a very interactive experience that I really enjoyed and when I was reading her descriptions for everything, that is when I realized that her exhibit was the one I was going to write about. For me art is anything that makes me feel something and her exhibit definitely did.




Week 4-Artist Conversation-

Artists:  Elmer Guevara & Robert Nehemiah Sanchez
Exhibition: Immaterials
Media: Paints (Arcylic, Oil), Canvas, Cardboard, Tarp, Metal, Wood
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov West
Website: None

Instagram: Elmer-@3lmski1 Robert- @wookieewarrior

About the Artists

Robert Nehemiah and Elmer Guevara are both from Los Angeles where they both attended different colleges. Robert was attending Rio Honda College and Elmer was attending EAST LA College in the past.Elmer and Robert are both undergraduate students working towards their BFA degrees in the School of Art’s Drawing and Painting Program. Elmer has always been drawn to art at a young age and he began working with graffiti art. Meanwhile, Robert was working towards becoming a firefighter but realized that his passion was to creating art. They decided to work together because they found that their work was similar and created an exhibition called Immaterials.

Formal Analysis

In this exhibition both artist use oil to paint their portraits. Robert painted on different materials such as cardboard or wood he would find in LA while Elmer would paint on big canvases. They both liked to use dark and more serious colors in their works as they were trying to capture the real life in LA.  Robert’s paintings look more antique because of how he did his paintings on different materials. They looked much older than Elmer’s because of this. Elmer had interviews with people in the streets of LA and painted about his experiences with them. For example, one of his paintings has a man with his face all disfigured and he said he did this because during the interview with this person he was moving a lot and wanted to capture that in his painting. I found this part of his art extremely interesting.

Content Analysis

When you look at their artwork you see and think of many things. They like to draw pictures of friends, family, or even themselves and they also draw portraits of the homeless people of LA. They would try to capture the moments they would see when in LA. What they are trying to do is get more attention from the viewers to bring the issue of the homeless to light. Many homeless people are neglected form society and I think this is a very good cause for this art. Robert uses the materials to show that trash and scrap materials are not just waste, they could be reused and recycled and become something better. They are showing us that no matter what, anything can be used as art.

Synthesis /My Experience

I wanted to write about these artists because I immediately felt something when I walked into that exhibit and saw all the things that they were about. Being from LA I was able to easily connect to these artists and I appreciated everything that they did. I found their art to be some of the coolest stuff I have ever seen. Just everything about Elmer’s canvas paintings and Robert’s paintings on different materials was what caught my eye. This was the exhibit that caught my eye the most so far out of all the ones that I have seen.

Week 4-Art Experience-Art Care Package

For the Art Care Package Project, I sent a Care Package to my girlfriend Desiree who lives in Anaheim. In the package, I included things like old beach parking receipts, old letters, a sketch I made of her, some of my favourite pictures, her earrings, some extra headphones because she lost hers, an old Starbucks cup, an old pack of Starbucks gum, a sand dollar we found at the beach, one of my old baseballs, some makeup she forgot at my place that I kept and some chocolates.

Sending someone an ACP is nothing like sending a Snapchat obviously; you send a Snapchat with intention of it disappearing within seconds, you send an ACP with intention of the person looking at it for a long time and keeping it even longer. A lot more love and effort goes into something like this, especially when you mail it.

I’ve always been one to hold onto little things, whether its an old parking receipt or a candy wrapper; because its not about what it is… which is trash. Its about what it means to you; the memories behind the object, a beach parking receipt represents that time you went to the beach and the memories you made. So, to me, ephemera is precious.

I think that art that is seen by many people, like an ACP, is meant to make you feel something. The difference is that an ACP will make one person feel cared for based on the personal things put in it, which were chosen from memories made with that person. Art that is seen by many people with never be personalized, which make it hard to connect with it on a sentimental level.

In my opinion; an ACP is better if you want to show how much you care. In an ACP, each item was chosen with care, each item has sentimental value and is most likely kept because of the memories behind it. Putting all those memories that you’re fond of and giving them to someone is a sign that you care about them enough to put so much effort and time in an act that could simply bring a smile to their face.


Week 3- Artist Conversation- Mimi Haddon

Artist: Mimi Haddon
Exhibition: MFA Fiber Art
Media: Fiber Art
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: Mimihaddon.com
Instagram: mimihaddon

About the Artist

Mimi Haddon has already graduated from CSULB in 1994, but is currently attending CSULB as a student going for a M.F.A in the School of Art’s Fiber Arts. She has a BA in Visual Communication Design. She began to work with T-shirts over a year ago.

Formal Analysis

When I first walked into the Gallery, I noticed many different warm colors in the room. I think that the reason why she uses all these warm colors is to capture the attention of the audience as opposed to using cooler colors that may not stand out as much. When you look at Mimi’s artwork, you have to think about what she is trying to do with all the unique colors and materials. The picture that I took is of her model with yellow and red material over a brown t-shirt. I was first a little confused as to what she was trying to do with this but I overheard that she intended to make this artwork similar to when you throw darts at the balloons and after she said this it made more sense to me.


Content Analysis

I noticed that Mimi’s exhibition mainly focused on T-shirts and warm colors. She decided to use t-shirts that were old and used to be more eco-friendly. She gets a lot of her shirts from a local goodwill. She discovered that there are many T-shirts getting throw out and she was able to collect T-shirts to use as materials with the help of donations. I believe her artwork is a unique style because of how she uses T-shirts and tries to make them into a different form of art. I never would have thought about making new t-shirts made out of older ones from a local goodwill.

Synthesis/My Experience

It was my first time going to the galleries and I personally did not know what to expect. If it was not for this class I would have never even thought about going to the galleries because art really is not my thing. However I was surprised by how interesting I found the galleries to be. Even though there was only one artist this week it was interesting to see her in person and hear her opinions about everything and why she does what she does. I am looking forward to visiting the galleries again and gaining new knowledge and cool experiences from more artists.

Week 3- Classmate Conversation-Thida Mongkolvipakul

This week I met Thida while looking around at the galleries. She is a currently a 19 yr old nursing major but she is planning on switching her major to health science to become an occupational therapist. She was born and raised in Long Beach like myself and went to Wilson high school. She is from Cambodian and Chinese descent which was really cool to me and she speaks Khmer. She likes to go to Disneyland as a hobby and her favorite Disney movie is Lilo and Stitch. She also enjoys video games and her favorite games to play are first person shooters like Call of Duty. Over the summer she works in a restaurant and her favorite food is pasta. Thida was overall an extremely interesting and fun person to talk to and I look forward to meeting many great new people like her.



Week 2- Landscapes with a Corpse

I personally did not enjoy this activity. I don’t like to think about different ways to pretend I’m dead. For me to end up ultimately laying down under a truck pretending like I got run over by it doesn’t make for a fun activity at all. I would have understood it a bit more maybe if there was a particular reason why we had to do this activity. Just the fact that it was so random is what caught me off guard. I guess what I am trying to covey in my pictures is to always be careful at night with vehicles passing by. Especially being college students and being around alcohol and other drugs, we need to be extremely aware of what is surrounding us at all times to make sure we are safe. I am looking forward to doing a different activity next time.

Week 2- Classmate Conversation- Sara Rivenbark

This week I met Sara Rivenbark. She was a very fun and interesting person to talk to and also very easy to talk to. She is an 18yr old 2nd year student at CSULB and studies Organismal Biology. She is from German and Native American descent. Her favorite hobby is reading and she absolutely loves Harry Potter. She also likes to go to the beach and really enjoys reading. I enjoyed my conversation with her and I look forward to meeting many great new people like Sara during these classmate conversations.