Wk 12-Art Activity-Ethnography

For this weeks art activity we had to spend a night without electricity. I thought this would be impossible for me as I spend the most time on my phone before I go to sleep compared to the rest of my day. I really wasn’t looking forward to doing this activity. The activity was just as hard as I expected too. I repeatedly found myself looking for my phone or going into each room looking for the light switches and other things like that. It was also an extremely frustrating activity in my opinion. I already sleep good and feel liberated so I didn’t feel any benefit from this activity. I understand why some people would benefit from this but it was not for me. Living without electricity is obviously better for nature for many reasons, but as long as we use electricity in moderation and continue to use alternate sources of electricity the environment should be fine in my opinion. Living without electricity is much more boring and limited. Since I am not used to living without it I found trouble finding something to do so just decided to go to sleep earlier than usual. I am not sure how people survived without electricity but I am just lucky to not be them. I am thankful for all that I have now and I wouldn’t change anything about my current lifestyle.


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