Week 10- Art Activity- The Wedge

For my “Wedge” design, I decided; instead of creating an entire new structure, simply keeping it simple and keeping the weirdly placed structural wall that causes the “Wedge” but putting a large hole through it to shift it from a wall to a make-shift arch that students can walk through as well as the rest of the pathway and the “wedge”. This design would probably steer the students through the newly designed easier way through instead of going through what used to be the easier way.

I had thought about maybe taking it off and making something new, but like in anything architectural… its probably there for a reason and making something entirely for esthetic purposes would hardly be a logical solution.

I believe that if this design were to be put in place,  a year from now students will probably say that it was an ingenious, simple and quick way to fix a slight structural quirk.



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