Week 9- Graffiti Writing

This weeks art activity was to write my name in bubble letters with spray paint. This was one activity that I enjoyed a lot more compared to some of the other ones. It was my first time using sprat paint and it was actually way more fun than I first expected it to be. I didn’t have the chance to go to venice beach but I found an old piece of cardboard in my garage and figured that it would work just fine. I was luckily able to get a result that I was satisfied with on my first attempt which was really cool. I am also lucky to go by such a short name since I had a limited amount of space on the cardboard that I found. I was also only able to find orange and white spray paint in my garage and decided to do a white outline and fill it in with my orange spray paint. This was an activity that I enjoyed and it was really fun to use spray paint for the first time.


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