Week 6- Artist Conversation-Amy Williams

Artist: Amy Williams
Exhibition: No Redemption Value
Media:  Mixed-Media, Installation
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, DutziGallery
Website: N/A

I found the exhibit made by Amy Williams to be extremely interesting and inspirational. I love the meaning behind her exhibit and I was truly moved by it. She said it beautifully in her artist statement. She said that “There are many things in our human experience that tend to be forgotten, ignored, or passed by that I consider important and beautiful.” Those are such beautiful and true words that everyone should think about. Her exhibit was not the most appealing to the eye, but it was by far the most beautiful to me after I understood what its message was. In todays society it is very common for certain things or people to be forgotten because they’re not the most typical or attractive things, but those same things may also be the most meaningful to someone else which is why it is important to remember Amy’s message and see the value in everything. Her exhibit was truly inspiring and I hope many more people felt the same way about it that I did and learned a lot from it.



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