Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Yeri Hwang

Artist: Yeri Hwang

Exhibition: Within Us

Gallery: Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: @yeriyeti

About the Artist

Yeri is currently lives in Long Beach and is an undergrad student. She is a senior, so this will be her last semester in CSULB. She is going to graduate from the School or Arts. She used to live in Torrance and had to commute back and forth but fortunately, she has lived in Long Beach for the past 6 months. She works with all kinds of media that can’t be defined by any categories. She also talked about how art isn’t for everyone and that her goal is to make everyone understand it.

Formal Analysis

Yeri’s artwork seemed very structured and all of the work had a story to it and if followed in the correct order, the whole show tells an overall story. Yeri used everything from drywall, to electrical circuitry, and it used more traditional media, as well. Lots of her work involved electricity and I was impressed by how good she was with technology. Her artwork was also very hands on which I really liked.

Content Analysis

For each of the artworks, they had a story and meaning to it. I found it very interesting how if you followed her artwork in order it told you a story. I always appreciate it when artists do these kinds of things with their art. It gives their work a deeper meaning in my opinion. When I was looking around her exhibit and reading what each piece was about, it made me feel certain ways and that is what I always look for in art. If something makes me feel something positive then I always tend to be more attracted to it.

Synthesis/My experience

I really liked how all of her art pieces were hands on. I also liked how everything was connected. I love when things tell a story, especially art. Her exhibit was a very interactive experience that I really enjoyed and when I was reading her descriptions for everything, that is when I realized that her exhibit was the one I was going to write about. For me art is anything that makes me feel something and her exhibit definitely did.




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