Week 4-Art Experience-Art Care Package

For the Art Care Package Project, I sent a Care Package to my girlfriend Desiree who lives in Anaheim. In the package, I included things like old beach parking receipts, old letters, a sketch I made of her, some of my favourite pictures, her earrings, some extra headphones because she lost hers, an old Starbucks cup, an old pack of Starbucks gum, a sand dollar we found at the beach, one of my old baseballs, some makeup she forgot at my place that I kept and some chocolates.

Sending someone an ACP is nothing like sending a Snapchat obviously; you send a Snapchat with intention of it disappearing within seconds, you send an ACP with intention of the person looking at it for a long time and keeping it even longer. A lot more love and effort goes into something like this, especially when you mail it.

I’ve always been one to hold onto little things, whether its an old parking receipt or a candy wrapper; because its not about what it is… which is trash. Its about what it means to you; the memories behind the object, a beach parking receipt represents that time you went to the beach and the memories you made. So, to me, ephemera is precious.

I think that art that is seen by many people, like an ACP, is meant to make you feel something. The difference is that an ACP will make one person feel cared for based on the personal things put in it, which were chosen from memories made with that person. Art that is seen by many people with never be personalized, which make it hard to connect with it on a sentimental level.

In my opinion; an ACP is better if you want to show how much you care. In an ACP, each item was chosen with care, each item has sentimental value and is most likely kept because of the memories behind it. Putting all those memories that you’re fond of and giving them to someone is a sign that you care about them enough to put so much effort and time in an act that could simply bring a smile to their face.



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