Week 3- Artist Conversation- Mimi Haddon

Artist: Mimi Haddon
Exhibition: MFA Fiber Art
Media: Fiber Art
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: Mimihaddon.com
Instagram: mimihaddon

About the Artist

Mimi Haddon has already graduated from CSULB in 1994, but is currently attending CSULB as a student going for a M.F.A in the School of Art’s Fiber Arts. She has a BA in Visual Communication Design. She began to work with T-shirts over a year ago.

Formal Analysis

When I first walked into the Gallery, I noticed many different warm colors in the room. I think that the reason why she uses all these warm colors is to capture the attention of the audience as opposed to using cooler colors that may not stand out as much. When you look at Mimi’s artwork, you have to think about what she is trying to do with all the unique colors and materials. The picture that I took is of her model with yellow and red material over a brown t-shirt. I was first a little confused as to what she was trying to do with this but I overheard that she intended to make this artwork similar to when you throw darts at the balloons and after she said this it made more sense to me.


Content Analysis

I noticed that Mimi’s exhibition mainly focused on T-shirts and warm colors. She decided to use t-shirts that were old and used to be more eco-friendly. She gets a lot of her shirts from a local goodwill. She discovered that there are many T-shirts getting throw out and she was able to collect T-shirts to use as materials with the help of donations. I believe her artwork is a unique style because of how she uses T-shirts and tries to make them into a different form of art. I never would have thought about making new t-shirts made out of older ones from a local goodwill.

Synthesis/My Experience

It was my first time going to the galleries and I personally did not know what to expect. If it was not for this class I would have never even thought about going to the galleries because art really is not my thing. However I was surprised by how interesting I found the galleries to be. Even though there was only one artist this week it was interesting to see her in person and hear her opinions about everything and why she does what she does. I am looking forward to visiting the galleries again and gaining new knowledge and cool experiences from more artists.


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